Rustban 1405 Metal Corrosion Inhibitor


Rustban1405 is an organic metal corrosion inhibitor.  It offers excellent metal protection and thermo-oxidative stability for a wide variety of paint formulations.



CAS Number: 171054-89-0



IRGACOR 1405; HALOX 570; 4-ethylmorpholine bis(4-oxo-4-(p-tolyl)butanoate); 4-ethylmorpholine bis(4-methyl-gamma-oxobenzenebutanoate); 4-oxo-4-para-tolylbutyric acid 2:1 adduct with 4-ethylmorpholine; benzenebutanoic acid, 4-methyl-gamma-oxo, compound with 4- ethylmorpholine (2:1)

Specifications: > 99%, white powder